Pride Fort Lauderdale 2021 Vendor Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor for Pride Fort Lauderdale, November 20-21, 2021. Pride will be a 2-day festival giving you more opportunities to get your brand in front of approx 125,000 LGBTQ+ individuals. Your logo will also be included on our website for more information/links to your site. If you would like more information on vendor registration contact Justin Wyse at

Small Non-Profit is gross income $1 million or less or current year Pride Grant Recipient. Large Non-Profit is the gross income of over $1 million. Proof of non-profit status must be submitted at the time of purchase to qualify for the discount.

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Vendor Information

Payment Information

Vendor Fee: $ 1,500.00
Processing Fee: $ 45.48
Grand Total: $ 1,552.98
Charged Now: $ 1,552.98

2021 Pride Fort Lauderdale Festival Vendor Agreement Please scroll all the way to the bottom

Submission of Vendor application constitutes review and acceptance by Vendor of the policies, terms and conditions outlined below. This contract is not effective unless and until Pride Fort Lauderdale (hereafter referred to as PFTL) sends Vendor the Notice specified in the section regarding Application Process, below, and PFTL has received the full Vendor payment.


Vendor agrees to all the policies, terms and conditions outlined and enumerated below. These policies, terms and conditions may not be altered, edited, amended or otherwise changed by Vendor in any way, except with the prior written consent of PFTL, which consent PFTL may grant or withhold in its sole discretion. In the event Vendor fails to comply with any of the policies, terms and conditions set forth in this Vendor agreement, PFTL or its authorized agents may:

  • Immediately terminate the Vendor agreement; and
  • Upon such termination, to require Vendor to cease operations and vacate the festival premises.

Any notice of termination hereunder may be given by PFTL to Vendor either orally or in writing. In the event of any such termination, Vendor forfeits all fees paid to PFTL for the opportunity and privilege of participating in the Pride Fort Lauderdale Festival.

Application Process

Application: Vendors should apply online at The online store allows applicants to select a type of space and various add-ons. Once they fill their shopping cart and check out, the system will direct them to submit a payment online or to send a check. Full payment must be received before any application is considered complete. Payment indicates acceptance of this Vendor Agreement. Applications are generally reviewed and processed on a first come, first served basis.

Review: All Vendor applications are subject to review by PFTL. PFTL reserves the right to approve or reject any Vendor application for any reason. If approved, Vendor will be notified via email. If not approved, any funds sent to PFTL by the applicant for this event will be refunded in full by the type of payment made.

Cancellation & Refunds

Rain or Shine: The Pride Fort Lauderdale Festival is a rain or shine event. Refunds will not be given in the event of inclement weather.

Cancellations and Refunds: We do not offer refunds.

Booth & Truck Spaces Booth Space:

10’ x 10’ booth spaces will be provided by our tent company along with an 8’ table and 2 chairs. Vendors may register for more than one booth space or if you select “premium” you will receive an end booth on that row.

Truck Space: We allot a 20’ x 10’ space for each truck (larger space available through coordinator) A truck space may not be used for tents or carts. Vendors who require more than 20’ x 10’ should notify PFTL during the application process.

Location Assignment: PFTL will attempt to accommodate placement requests but makes no guarantee that requests for specific placement/location will be granted. Booth and truck placement will be at the sole discretion of PFTL.

Non-Transferable: Vendor may not transfer or share its assigned booth or truck space without the prior express written consent of PFTL, which consent PFTL may grant or withhold in its sole discretion.

Tents, Tables & Chairs: Each vendor will be provided a 10x10 tent, 2 chairs and 1 8-foot table.

Tables and Chairs. Vendors may rent a table and two chairs. These will be delivered to your site.


Electrical Access: Access to electricity, if available, will be provided for a flat access fee. All electrical service is for one 110v/15A outlet, unless otherwise agreed to by PFTL. Arrangements for electricity access must be made and paid for in advance of the festival.

Generators are not permitted.

Food Vendors / Amusement & Equipment Operators: License & Insurance

Certificate of Insurance: Food Vendors and Safety Sensitive Contractors (e.g., amusement and equipment operators) shall obtain primary insurance, naming The City of Fort Lauderdale and Pride Fort Lauderdale, as the certificate holder and submit it to PFTL by October 15, 2021 (send to All general liability certificates must list the City of Fort Lauderdale as an additional insured.

Restrictions on Vendor Activities Vendor Activities:

PFTL restricts the distribution of literature, merchandise, etc. to approved vendors with assigned booth space only. Vendor activities are restricted to Vendor’s assigned space and all Vendor activities must be contained within Vendor’s assigned space.

Food, Beverage, Water & Alcohol: Non-Food Vendors and Food vendors may not sell or distribute any food or beverages – including water. This is to protect PFTL who depend on these sources of funds. PFTL reserves all rights to the sale and distribution of all alcohol/beverages during the event.

Pets: The City of Fort Lauderdale does not allow any pets or animals in Festival sites.

Adult Materials: Vendor acknowledges that any materials of an adult nature shall be displayed subject to applicable Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations regarding the display or distribution of such materials. Vendor agrees to remove from display/distribution any materials deemed offensive or inappropriate by PFTL.

Prohibited Items: Vendor shall not display, offer for view or sell any illegal or contraband items. Vendor shall not display, offer for view or sell any items that are unlicensed and/or copies/interpretations of licensed or registered items. The laws of the State of Florida and local ordinances of the City of Fort Lauderdale and Broward County shall apply.

Prohibited Behavior: Vendor may not taunt, abuse or engage in a verbal or written altercation with any event attendee, other vendor, entertainer or other participant. Vendor may not engage in any action that may be in direct conflict with the purpose, mission, values and/or spirit of PFTL. Violators shall be subject to removal at the discretion of PFTL.

PFTL Logo/Brand: Vendor shall not display, offer for view, take orders for or sell any items that are imprinted, emblazoned marked or branded with PFTL’s logo or in any way as official PFTL merchandise without prior written permission of PFTL.

Vendor Set-up and Tear-down Vendor Operating Hours: All vendor booths and trucks must be open during festival operating hours. Event operating hours have been set to 12pm-8pm but are subject to change. Notice of any change will be communicated via email. Trucks/vans/RVs must make arrangements with vendor coordinator for removal. YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO REMOVE VEHICLE FROM FESTIVAL WITHOUT PFTL APPROVAL.

Check-in & Setup: Vendors will be contacted prior to the event with a designated check-in time and location. Vendors will not be allowed vehicular access to the event prior to their assigned time slots. Vendors arriving after their assigned time will be subject to wait. Vehicles cannot be admitted on Saturday or Sunday prior to festival. We encourage vendors to setup on Friday. We have security onsite. If you wish to setup on Saturday or Sunday, please bring a cart or dolly. You will have to park across from the festival.

Unloading: Vendors cannot leave cars unattended while loading and unloading and can only load / unload in designated areas. They may not block traffic.

Clean-up: Vendor agrees to clean booth space at the end of the festival and remove any trash/debris or other items brought by Vendor or be subject to a $250 cleaning fee.

Rental Items: Vendor shall leave all rental items, including tables, chairs, tents, anchors, etc. in the assigned booth space at the conclusion of the festival. Any unreturned items will be invoiced to Vendor.

Other Vendor Responsibilities

Permits/Licensing/Insurance: Vendor is required to obtain, at Vendor’s own expense, any and all permits, licenses, and/or insurance that may be required by the City of Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, and/or the State of Florida.

Compliance: Vendors must comply with all laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations of any lawful authority, agency or governmental unit, including, but not limited to any applicable fire and building codes of the City of Fort Lauderdale and Broward County Health Department.

Sales Tax: Vendors selling any merchandise/services subject to Florida sales tax assume all responsibility and liability for collection and remittance of such tax.

Lost Items: Vendor accepts all responsibility and liability for any losses due to theft or damage. PFTL assumes no responsibility for any loss due to damage or theft.

Parking: PFTL does not provide parking. Any illegally parked vehicles or vehicles left onsite after load in/out times are subject to tow at owner’s expense.

Pictures, Videos, Recordings: Vendors grant PFTL and its agents permission to record and publish festival activities for purposes of publicity.

Authorization to Use Event Photographs, Audio and Video Recordings

PFTL is authorized to capture, use, reproduce, and publish photographs, audio and video recordings of festival activities without compensation. Such material may be used in publications, social media, press releases, internet pages, advertising, or for other related endeavors.

Other Limitations Attendance: PFTL makes no representation or guarantee regarding the number of people who attend the festival.

Hold Harmless: Vendor understands and accepts that PFTL has no control over external elements/events that may prevent and/or disrupt the festival and agrees to hold PFTL harmless for any losses arising out of such elements/events, including but not limited to: protestor activities, terrorist actions, actions of local authorities, pandemics, acts of God, etc. Each party hereby indemnifies and holds the other party, as well as the other party’s respective agents, representatives, principals, employees, officers and directors, harmless from and against any loss, damage or expense, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, incurred or suffered by or threatened against a party or any of the foregoing in connection with or as a result of any claim for personal injury, property damage or other loss brought by or on behalf of any third party person, firm or corporation as a result of or in connection with the Vendor Application, which claim does not result from the active negligence of the other party.

Assignment: Vendor may not assign this agreement, in whole or in part, without PFTL’s written consent. Any attempt to assign this Agreement without such consent will be null and void.

Governing Law. This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida.

Contact information:

Email :
Mail: PO Box 23686, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33307

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Pride Fort Lauderdale is the oldest Pride celebration in the state of Florida, born in 1977 from protests following a successful public referendum to overturn a landmark Miami-Dade County gay rights ordinance...

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